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Dennis Hastert’s Accuser Sues Him for $1.8 Million

The accuser at the center of the Dennis Hastert hush-money case sued the former House Speaker on Monday, saying he never finished paying $3.5 million in cash to settle a sexual abuse allegation shadowfight2hackcheat.com/.

The man known only as Individual A had only pocketed $1.7 million from the politician when the FBI began investigating red-flag cash withdrawals and learned of their secret deal.

Now, two days before Hastert is to be sentenced for illegal financial transactions, Individual A has filed suit in Illinois state court, seeking to collect the $1.8 million balance.

The five-page breach-of-contract complaint contains new details about the case that stretches back to the 1970s, when Hastert was a wrestling coach at Yorkville High School:

Individual A, then 14, was not yet a student at Yorkville when Hastert, a trusted family friend, invited him to a wrestling camp for high schoolers and then molested him in a motel room, the suit says.
In 2008, Individual A had a conversation with another person who said they had been abused by Hastert — and that prompted him to confront his former coach, the court papers say. His attorney would not comment on whether that person is one of four former students who prosecutors say have reported abuse, or a new accuser.
As a result of the motel room incident, Individual A claims he suffered panic attacks for years. They in turn caused unemployment, career changes, depression, hospitalization and long-sterm psychiatric treatment, the suit says.
Image: Hastert in yearbook
NBC News
Hastert’s attorneys had no comment on the lawsuit. In a statement earlier this month, they said Hastert “acknowledges that as a young man he committed transgressions for which he is profoundly sorry.”

The Republican, who led the House from 1999 to 2007 before becoming a lobbyist, was never charged with a sexual crime because, prosecutors said, the statute of limitations had passed http://www.8ballpoolhackcheat.com/.

He pleaded guilty to illegally structuring bank withdrawals to avoid reporting requirements for transactions over $10,000.

Prosecutors have recommended six months in jail. Hastert, citing his remorse and health problems, is asking for probation.

Kristi Browne, the attorney representing Individual A in the lawsuit, said he will not be at the sentencing and wants to stay out of the spotlight. “My client is counting on the justice system to do the right thing here,” she told NBC News.

She said Individual A — who uses the pseudonym James Doe in the suit — doesn’t have an opinion about whether Hastert should go to jail and isn’t necessarily happy that he’s been publicly disgraced.

“I think he would have preferred to have it remain private,” Browne said.

Prosecutors have said they expect two people to testify against Hastert at the sentencing: a woman who says her brother, who has since died of AIDS, was molested throughout high school, and a man known for now as Individual D, who says the coach performed a sexual act on him while giving him a rubdown www.moviestarplanethackcheat.com/.

In the case of Individual A, prosecutors say that after arranging for the teen to share a room with him, he had the boy take off his underwear and massaged his groin under the guise of treating an injury. Hastert, clad only his underwear, then had the teen give him a back rub.

Browne said that her client didn’t associate the episode with his panic attacks and other psychological problems until 2008, noting that many abuse victims blame themselves.

“Having a conversation where another victim referred to it as having been abused sort of opened his eyes to what actually happened,” she said.

The sordid allegations came to light not because any of Hastert’s former students came forward but because a bank worker became concerned about withdrawals the retired lawmaker made between 2010 and 2014 — $9,000 at a time from four banks, a pattern known to regulators as “structuring http://www.asphalt8airbornehacks.com/.”

When the FBI questioned Hastert about the money, he lied and said he just wanted to keep it in a safe place, prosecutors said. His lawyers later contacted agents and told them he was actually being extorted by an ex-student with a false claim of sexual abuse from decades ago.

With recorders running, the agents had Hastert speak with Individual A and claim he was having trouble coming up with the next payment. They said the other man’s tone and remarks were not consistent with an extortion plot.

Indeed, the lawsuit says that when Individual A asked Hastert for $3.5 million in compensation for “pain, suffering and harm,” he suggested bringing in two confidantes and attorneys to draft a “legal” agreement.

“But Hastert preferred to keep the negotiations strictly confidential promising to ‘pay every last dollar’ of their agreed monetary settlement,” the suit alleges.

Browne said that she has sent Hastert’s legal team documents demanding he pay up and has never gotten a response www.boombeachhackss.com.

Inside the Storm Prediction Center

The heart of America is bracing for what could be more rough weather this week — conditions are ripe for some destructive storms. CBS News went to Norman, Oklahoma to find out how experts track them farmheroessagahackcheat.com/.

The storms already started in parts of Kansas already on Sunday. Bill Bunting, the operations chief at the Storm Prediction Center, said that is only the beginning.

A meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma points out a storm system CBS NEWS
“All hazards are possible,” he said. “Tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail.”

Texas storm damages estimated at more than $1 billion
According to Bunting, the Midwest, South and Central Plains should brace for a week of potentially dangerous weather. The forecast comes from the center’s “war room,” where meteorologists track the systems and make predictions.

Bunting explained what he has learned over the years about the science of predicting weather and making forecasts.

“I think key has been the understanding of how storms develop, and what environments are most favorable for say, tornadic thunderstorms, versus those that don’t produce tornadoes www.mortalkombatxhackcheat.com/.”

It starts with a strong jet stream from the Northwest colliding with a surge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, but scientists have discovered another clue: shifts in winds below the jet stream ahead of a storm can help predict severe weather.

“When those winds are particularly strong, and exhibit a certain change in speed and direction and height, those are days that we can hone in on and say those storms in that particular area will have a higher risk of producing a tornado,” Bunting explained realracing3hackonline.com/.

With a high risk on Tuesday, online briefings with emergency officials in the region are well underway.

The threat of severe weather for the nation’s mid-section goes through the week and into the weekend.

Officials are using blunt language in their warnings now. Instead of a simple “take shelter,” people may hear “mobile homes will be destroyed” and “flying debris will be deadly mobilestrikehackcheats.com/.”

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